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Who’s That Pokémon
4.5/5 - (14 votes)
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Who’s That Pokémon

4.5/5 - (14 votes)

Who’s That Pokémon (Unofficial) is an exciting trivia game that challenges players to identify various Pokemon. Using the silhouette on Echo Show and Echo Spot devices, along with the Pokedex description, on all devices, you’ll put your knowledge to the test.

If you’re a casual fan, Easy Mode focuses on the original 151 Pokemon. But if you consider yourself a true Pokemon superfan, Hard Mode ramps up the challenge by including all 890 current Pokemon.

Feeling stuck? No worries! Just ask for a hint. You can hear the Pokemon’s type or listen to its cry for a little extra assistance. And if you need to refresh your memory, simply say “Pokedex” to repeat the Pokedex description.

If you’re really stumped, you have options. Utter “I don’t know” to hear the correct answer, or say “Skip” to move on to the next Pokemon.

For the ultimate experience, try Who’s That Pokemon (Unofficial) on a device with a screen. You’ll be treated to the blacked-out image of the Pokemon, reminiscent of the suspenseful moments during commercial breaks in the anime. So, get ready to test your Pokemon knowledge and have a blast!

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