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Pokémon Ruby Version
Pokémon Ruby Version
4.3/5 - (45 votes)
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Pokémon Ruby Version

4.3/5 - (45 votes)

Pokémon Ruby Version, takes players on an exciting journey through the Hoenn region alongside Team Magma. As a member of Team Magma, the player’s mission is to tame the mighty Groudon, a legendary magma Pokemon. Meanwhile, Pokemon Sapphire offers a similar experience with Team Aqua.

Pokemon Ruby introduces 150 new Pokemon to catch and train, expanding the ever-growing roster of creatures. One notable addition is the Double Battle system, allowing trainers to unleash two Pokemon simultaneously in battles. While the Day/Night cycle is absent in this version, this Pokemon game compensates with enticing features like Secret Bases and Pokemon Contests.

Embark on an epic adventure in Pokemon Ruby Version as you strive to capture Groudon and experience the captivating gameplay elements introduced in this highly anticipated third entry of the main series. Don’t forget to bring your master ball to increase your chances of success!

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